Marble Installation

Marble installation services

Are you looking for the best marble tile contractors in Saskatoon? If yes, then your hunt is completed as we are one of the best marble tile installers in the area around you. Whether you are looking for a new marble tile installation or want any repair or replacement for your marble tiles, we can be the best option for you. So look no more, as we provide our services for both residential and commercial projects.

Our installation process

  1. Subfloor preparation

First of all, we prepare the subfloor to provide a smooth, stiff and moisture-free surface for the installation of marble tiles. This is done by making a cement board which does not let the moisture damage the tiles or their installation.

  1. Reference lines creation

We want your tiles to look symmetrical and beautiful. We achieve this by creating reference lines in the center of the room so that everything is done with a sequence. Though it is a bit time consuming, the results are amazing.

  1. Mortar preparation and spreading

After marking the reference lines, we mix mortar for the installation of tiles. We try to keep everything accurate by measuring the mixes so that enough adhesion is provided to each tile. We prefer making small mixtures at one time so that no wastage of product or your money occurs.

  1. Installation of tile

After that, the next step is the installation of tile which is a critical process. We make sure that the tile is covered with enough mortar and is pressed perfectly on the cement bed. 

  1. Setting the tile with rubber mallet

The final step is to set the tile with the help of rubber mallet so that the tile is fixed perfectly. Our experts know the exact pressure to tap the tile so that it is not cracked.

Why Choose Us?

As mentioned above, we are one the best marble tile interior contractors in Saskatoon and the areas around it. Here is a list of reasons that will convince you on why you should choose us:

  1. Experienced team

Our team consists of professional and expert contractors and installers who have years of experience in the relevant field. They know how to do their work properly and efficiently within the given time.

  1. Quality work

We believe in quality and try to provide quality work to our customers. The materials used in the installation or repair process are of high quality that makes sure that the tiles last longer without getting cracked or misplaced.

  1. Budget-friendly services

We know that the budget of each person is different but we believe that budget should never be a hurdle to get what you want. So, we try to provide the best quality of work within your budget.

  1. Customized designs

You can get the designs, colors and textures of your desire through us. We respect your choice and try to modify and customize the tiles as per your demand to suit your place.

  1. Practical recommendations

We also try to give recommendations to our clients regarding the type of tile or the size of tile that can perfectly match with the place where you want your installation to be done. Because, our duty is not limited to installation but we also lend a hand to make practical decisions regarding your marble tile interior.

  1. Advanced tools and equipment

Our team always stays up-to-date with the advanced tools and equipment being introduced in the market. This helps us to give the best and advanced services to our customers.

Contact Us Today

So, if you are looking for the best marble tile contractors in Saskatoon or around California then feel free to contact us as we can be the best service providers within your budget.

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